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Use Our Number Plate Maker To Design Your Plate

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Welcome to the Simply Plates number plate maker, please use the left hand sidebar to edit your custom number plates. You will see there are fields for lines of text then options to change your font, font colour, 3D background colour, size, border, badges, background and slogan. Our easy to use tool allows you to make your cheap number plates fully unique in only a few seconds. Above you can see what your designed plates will look like once complete and don't worry they won't cost you a fortune, at just 22.99 for standard front and rear plates Simply Plates offers high quality but affordable number plates.

The price above also includes FREE 1st Class Delivery within the UK plus a FREE fixing kit, at Simply Plates we are determined not to be beaten on quality or price and this is why we promote our cheap number plates which are high in quality but low in price. Once you have your number plates made we will get them posted straight out to you and don't forget it is FREE 1st Class Delivery!

Do you need a size, badge or font that we don't have listed? Then don't worry, we can always design your plates to your specific needs and get your number plates made specially, to discuss this option then please e-mail us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We often create bespoke plates for our customers and we will do everything we can do accommodate your needs with your custom number plates.

Please Note: Some of the badges when viewed on the rear plate in the number plate maker design window will show a white background however this will not be printed on the plates.

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